We take sustainability and environment protection, restoration very seriously

Giving back

One tree for every Item sold

On every purchase that you make, you will be indirectly planting a whole tree in Africa or Asia. Trees contribute to the environment, provide home and shelter for animals, water conservation and they improve significantly the air quality as during the photosynthesis process they absorb carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen. Moreover, through this reforestation program local workforce is employed to plant trees and to rescue endangered species.

Ocean Clean Up

Every sale helps us support Big Ocean Blue an ocean conservation and protection NGO that does wonders for the sea and educates and clears up our beautiful world from plastics and micro-plastics 



Supporting Local Craftsmanship

The production process is leaded and made by extremely experienced people who have been producing luxury goods for several generations. More over every piece is hand finished / hand rolled by skilled seamstresses in Italy who get paid at European standards. This way we support local companies and talented people to earn a living by continuing doing what they know and love.

Similarly, our jewellery collections is produced by skilful artisans who have been working in the industry for several generations and create every piece with attention to detail, like artists.

Shopping less helps

We give a lot of emphasis to the quality which means that a Cyclades piece is timeless. This means that as long as in principle you take care of your things, you will not need to buy another piece (unless if you are collecting). 

Moreover, most of the accessories are extremely versatile and can be worn in different manners. As result,clients can be reducing unnecessary shopping as a silk scarf could also be worn as a beautiful belt, a gorgeous top, a handbag, head bandana etc. 

Recycling Fine Metals

We are using recycled gold and recycled silver on all of our jewellery

Ethically Sourced Stones

Our stones are handpicked to ensure premium quality and are sourced from different parts of the world. We are either using reputable gemstone suppliers who can trace the stones directly to the mine or buy directly from mines and family owned pearl farms who respect their employees and honor fair pay