Jewellery Repairs

All of our jewellery comes with one year guarantee.

This page is about general repairs from any brand. 

If you are based in the UK we will be happy to repair for you any damaged jewellery that you have in your collections whether it is a vintage or a modern piece. Our Atelier is in central London, on Sloane Square area. You can deliver your jewellery by appointment or send it by post.

Quotation is based on the work as every piece is different. For specific details please contact us at and include pics if you have any. Prices are about the actual repair job and do not include VAT 20% (UK clients) or the parts that need to be replaced e.g. stones, diamonds, sapphires, bails etc.

You can also use the form on this page to contact us if you require specific information.

Some services that we offer: 

  • Chain Repair £30 - £50
  • Bail Replacement £50
  • Jump Ring replacement or Repair £15
  • Ring resizing for most of the rings £50
  • Rettiping Prongs £15
  • Rebuilding Prongs £20 
  • Replacing Stones £20 per stone 
  • Adding Earring Posts £10 per post
  • Filling Porosity £30-£50
  • Metal Crack Repairs £30 - £50
  • Repairing Broken Jewellery
  • Polishing and Restoring the shine, cleaning £35
  • Brooch remodelling
  • Necklace Repair 
  • Bracelet Repairs 
  • Earring Repairs 
  • Antique Jewellery remodelling 
  • Old jewellery remodelling