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Hello my friends,

Several important and good changes happened this year. I have a new art studio in Switzerland, Zurich where I spend more time the last few months. My atelier is bright, full of windows and natural light which is extremely important when you paint as you can see all the details. I travel to London as much as possible as we have strong ties with the city; our home is in London, family, business partners, friends, clients.

Leto Lama art studio photo

Switzerland is very different to England but interesting. Swiss people are nice and cultivated, they are enthusiastic about art as they learned to appreciate art from school - a great example for other nationalities to follow.

I had the opportunity to go to Art Basel in Basel recently, only one hour away from Zurich. I must say the fair was impressive and different than Art basel in Hong Kong. A mixture of grandmasters, new promising artists and established contemporary artists, paintings for every taste.

Personally, I only liked few pieces from the contemporary section and several from the grandmasters works but I only visited the main building.

Swiss landscape is spectacular for inspiration and painting. Forests, Mountains, Parks, Lakes, Rivers, Waterfalls and a very beautiful city. During the first months in Zurich I painted "Girl Thinking" 60x80cm inspired by a forest behind our house and "Purity" 60x80cm inspired by the Swiss Alps.

Leto Lama - "Purity" Swiss Alps

Leto Lama "Thinking" Switzerland

Switzerland is lovely in winter but it can get very cold. My fiancé and I go ski-ing as much as possible on the weekends as the best ski runs are only one to three hours away drive. Surprisingly, Zurich in summer is even better as you can swim on the lake or have dinner and drinks outdoors.

The food is very good I must say, but my favourite restaurant here is Kronenhalle which has great food and original Chagall, Miro, Picasso paintings as the Owner Madame Hulda Zumsteg used to feed artists in exchange for painting gifts. Who would knew that these pieces would now worth millions of dollars.

There are several galleries here and I have been discussing to have a show in Zurich next year but I need to work harder as I do not have enough pieces no to fill up a whole venue (a good problem to have). I focus a lot on figurative abstracts (impasto or pointillism) and simplified portraits with geometrical forms.

I will be exhibiting some of the new pieces 1st of December in Barcelona at Nauart Gallery, exciting to have a show in Spain. Event details will be announced on the website so stay tuned.

I also have an art studio companion in Zurich, my biggest fan as he spends hours just staring at me painting. His name is Teddy and he is extremely smart, cute and loving.

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