Cyclades Jewellery Making - The Process

Everything starts with a sketch.... a pencil and a piece of paper

All of our jewellery are made of recycled gold / metals in London & Athens. We use high quality stones that are handpicked and responsibly sourced by the best suppliers from different parts of the world.

To get the final piece ready there are several steps that need to be followed and sometimes, depending on the complexity of the jewellery item, a lot of people are involved (foundry, stonecutters, stone setters, polishers, engravers).

This is why a lot of our made to order jewellery pieces take 2-4 weeks to be made, but its worth it!

Most of the pieces in our collections that have a unique, and a more artistic character have been created using the Ancient Lost Wax Technique . This is the oldest jewellery making technique, where we are designing, micro sculpting by hand the desired piece in wax to create a unique model that will be casted in gold as is. Once the final piece is ready, we will cut any imperfections, polish, solder as necessary and set the stones.

We may also use 3D modelling on some of our designs especially those that are more intricate and have several stones set.




The production of the silk and cashmere blend accessories takes place in Italy by hand finishing every item and using the best fabrics. Our manufacturers work for the largest fashion houses in the world and have been in the industry for several generations.