Wear your Silk Scarf as a hair accessory

Wear your Silk Scarf as a hair accessory

If you follow us on social media  you will know that we regularly show you different ways on how to wear your silk scarves.

When you feel like trying something different one of the most elegant ways to style up your scarves is on the hair. We have gathered a few images below to demonstrate you different looks that you can create for your hair on your daily appearances with your Cyclades Accesories.


Headscarf - Wear it like Jackie:

Silk Headscarf

Low bun Hair Accessory

Add a pop of colour to your hair by wrapping around your scarf 

Cyclades Low bun Scarf

Bohemian Headscarf

Want to protect your hair from the sun this is a great way to get your head covered.

Cyclades as a Headscarf

Silk Hair Bandanda

Cyclades hair bandana

The Ponytail knot 

For summer and winter, if you have long hair choose this style to be different

Cyclades Silk Scarf summer style





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