About Cyclades Jewellery


Cyclades is a London-based jewellery brand that takes its name from the beautiful Greek group of islands known for their rich culture and ancient history. Founded in 2017 by Leto Lama, a third-generation Greek artist, Cyclades offers a stunning collection of modern and timeless jewellery pieces with an artistic twist.


Leto draws inspiration from various sources, including Ancient Greek elements, Gods and Goddesses, Fairies, Astrology, History, and Nature. The jewellery are truly unique and one-of-a-kind, reflecting her passion creating wearable works of art. Each piece is carefully crafted and meant to be treasured for generations

Cyclades is committed to sustainability and ethical practices. The brand uses recycled precious metals and responsibly sourced stones such as sapphires, diamonds, rubies, moonstones, and emeralds. With the exception of a few bespoke items, the majority of the jewelry is handcrafted by Leto in her London studio using ancient techniques like the lost wax technique or by melting and recycling gold metal scrap.

This hands-on approach ensures that each piece has a distinct artistic and timeless quality, reflecting Cyclades dedication to quality and craftsmanship.